Why Should Project Managers Be PMP Certified?


What is PMP?

PMP denotes project management professional. For most people, during their career progression comes to a point that they want to take the next step forward. In the field of project management, many look to the Project Management Institute to get certified. PMP certification is a well-respected credential, and it’s not for everyone.

Who should be certified?

PMP certification is best suited for people interested in a career in the planning and execution of projects, across functional teams from the beginning the end.

Why should managers get PMP certified?

PMP certification makes project managers resume attractive, with some recruitment organizations putting more value on PMP certification than a masters degree.PMP certification is a prove that as a project manager you are experienced and undergone rigorous criteria and have been accepted by national management community. Even though the PMP credential applies to managing projects in any industry, some industries value it more than others. Highly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, financial services, defense, and aerospace wouldn’t consider anyone without that foundation certificate. PMP will also boost your resume as a project manager.

The PMI has established that project management professionals earned more than uncertified project managers. It was also found that 76 percent PMP professionals expected salary raise in the next 12 months.PMP professionals also are more certain of their earning potential.

PMP training helps project managers to have a common language and that enhance for effective communication. PMP training gives project managers her framework for effectively conveying all project goals, material requirements, project constraints and risks. PMP certification impacts project managers with understanding of an accepted project management framework; this empowers project managers to communicate effectively with clients and vendors a level field. This common language reduces the need for an explanation when discussing a project.

Project manager’s demand is currently very high. There are indications that there is a huge demand for project management positions to be filled till about the year 2016. Demand is high in the IT industry, and according to a computer world survey, 40% of IT executives say they are planning to hire a project management professional. This notwithstanding, employers will need project managers with PMP certification. It will also help project managers to get better compensation than those without PMP certification.

The PMP certification highly valued in all sectors and especially in industries such as pharmaceuticals, financial services, defense, and aerospace. It enables project managers to have a common language thereby enhancing communication and the efficiency of the manager.

How To Follow A Business Conference


With A PMP Certification

Businesses can have a lot of good information within them. You want to be able to understand as much of the lingo and technical terms that can be tied to the main core of the conference. A business conference is typically going to give you tips on how to run a business more efficiently and how important it is. A PMP certification course is going to give you information on how to run your company in a more efficient fashion. You can make a number of changes in your industry once you truly understand how your business model works. A business conference with extremely skilled people attending is going to make it easier for you to understand your business.


A number of people are going to use their PMP certifications in order to become more successful within the world of marketing. A PMP certification course will to you that you don’t have to be explicit and outlandish in a marketing campaign in order to have a successful campaign. Can you improve your leadership skills with the work that is talked about at a leadership conference? This is absolutely possible. A lot of inspiration people can end up speaking at a business, you want to be able to pick up on their important messages. The truth of the matter is that many of the business professionals at the conference are going to speak quickly and with certainty. They need to be able to move forward and presume that you know what they are talking about.


You need to be able to properly purchase a property if that is one of the capital expenditures tied to your business. The best capital expenditures are those that you can truly pay for. You may figure out during a business conference that a certain property simply isn’t right for you. You need to be able to find the right kind of leadership team in order to help you make decisions regarding capital expenditures. A business conference would be the best place to do this, in many cases. You can make a lot of extremely smart choices once you talk to the right people at a business conference. It can be very important to separate fact from fiction in these cases. You have to be able to make sure that you can hire the right consultants in the business world. The PMP certification process can make sure that you hire the right consultants.



Evernote Meetup ParisAgile is a software framework that was developed as an IT project management tool. It is a blend of out of the box ideas combined with a creative and non-traditional approach to fixing problems. Scrum is an agile development method. It assists IT teams to resolve management problems that may come up during the life of a project. Simply put, it helps a business fix the surprise problems that may interfere with the success of a project. Unpredictable changes during a project may be a client changing his mind about what he wants and needs.

Evernote is the best thing that happened to note taking for Project Management Professionals. It is like a bottomless pit of notebooks only more organized and easier to find. Unlike your notebook, it can store photos, voice notes, and even entire web pages. It is, therefore, an open secret that many development and project management teams use Evernote to make their work easier. It is convenient to them especially because you can edit your work at home and have it synchronized with the master copy you store elsewhere such as on your office laptop. Now imagine how awesome it could be if you could use Evernote as an agile virtual storyboard.

Different teams in a project all have their work cut out for them. Each does their part and then they consult each other to see if the pieces of the puzzle fit. But sometimes this is disrupted when the project needs change but the time frame remains the same. This shift can be resolved faster if the project owner has an Evernote account. Ideally all the team members should have access to this account. A product backlog grooming session can now be held and the owner can break the list into user stories for future use. Using Evernote, the detailed requirements can be written down in the text.

At the Sprint planning meeting, the whole team can review the backlog together with the owner. Clarifications can be made here as everyone proposes their ideas. All gray areas will now be clear and the team will decide how the work will be built. This is when someone will move these stories from the notebook Agile: Backlog to the notebook Agile: Iteration. Evernote is a great tool for compartmentalizing and filtering.

Sprint master will now be a mother period as interaction will be constant with all the teams always being on the same page. The Sprint review session will now be in Agile: Iteration awaiting Agile: Accepted. Finally at the successful conclusion of the project, the team will review their successes and assess their shortcomings. This last section in the notebook will be Agile: Iteration/ 0. Process.

Determining The Definition Of Ready

Do you have a backlog of product ideas that need to be made ready for production?

How exactly do you know if they are ready?


You need a system and that’s why is important to obtain your SCRUM Master certification, for an impeccable understanding of the definition of readiness tries to offer.

You need to know:

The definition of ready means that a product, whether be; digital, physical, or service has passed 3 criteria so it can be considered ready for manufacture or deployment.

These 3 criteria are:

This checklist for readiness can help you determine if there are any other areas that need attention before the product is moved on to manufacture. But what do these criteria mean?

A testable condition

A product must go through rigorous testing to determine if it performs as designed in the short, medium, and long term. Only after this testing has taken place and the product has passed, with a reasonable margin for error, can the product be greenlit for manufacturing. Mobile phone screen testing is a good example. A company will simulate the phone being dropped thousands of times to be sure the phone performs as it was designed simulating general use.

 Clear design

A product must have a clear design before it can be taken to manufacture or before a service can be deployed. The clarity is important in the product because without this clear defined design the manufacturing simply cannot take place as specialized machinery and materials must be ordered. Also, without a clear design, dimensions of the product will not be defined and this will affect packaging and shipping.


Feasibility determines if you have the resources to implement a product. For example, Questions that may be asked are:

These are the sort of questions that need to be answered when testing the feasibility of a product. Any number of obstacles may hinder your ability to bring the product to market. But by answering these questions, and others like them, alternate plans can be put in place that can raise the feasibility and chances of successfully bringing a product to market and if you ever feel like you need more inside, submit your questions below, I’ll be more than happy to help!






Seven Foods That Improve Your Concentration

Supplement market is loaded with products promising you to improve your concentration. Frankly, how many of these products keep their promise? Some believe coffee will maintain your concentration, but, it contains sugar and caffeine and does two can be dangerous if you don’t control it. Natural foods are your best options to improve concentration. So, what foods to eat to improve your concentration?

In conclusion, if you want and would do anything to improve your concentration; just relax and enjoy some DARK CHOCOLATE with NUTS.

Obtain Scrum Master Certification To Widen Your Career Opportunities



Agile methodology follows an iterative approach to software delivery that develops and delivers software from the beginning of the project rather than delivering the complete software; at once. It works simply by breaking a project into tiny parts of user functionality (also known as user stories), ordering them based on importance and delivering them once in two weeks (called iterations).

Agile is completely different from traditional waterfall life cycle model. Agile methodology improves quality because testing starts from the day one. It reduces risks since you are getting feedback quickly. Customers feel happy, as they can make changes without paying any extra charges.

Scrum Master

It is a lightweight process framework for agile methodology. It is widely used in complex software and product development. Scrum master contains a set of practices that must be followed to produce consistent outcomes. This will help utilizing the maximum time effectively in the work instead of reworking. It helps companies to adjust smoothly to the fast-changing requirements and produce a product or service that meets the customer requirements. It is proven that Scrum considerably increases productivity of employees and quality of the product or service.

Scrum Master – Role

The ultimate role of a scrum master is to make sure of the smooth establishment, effective and efficient progress and continuous development of Scrum practices in an Agile Scrum team. It is highly recommendable to obtain a Scrum Master Certification if you are in any of the following software engineering roles: Tester, Developer, Designer, Architect, Business Analyst, Team Leader, Program Manager, Project Manager and Product Manager.

Benefits of Scrum Master Certification Program from an employee’s perspective:

This certification program is an online test which combines multiple-choice and true/false questions. You can take this exam from your personal computer regardless of your geographical location. If you have obtained a Scrum Master Certification, it means:

  1. You get an additional qualification and a proof of competence.
  2. You know complete, up-to-date information about Scrum.
  3. You are one step ahead when compared with other competitors. It can bring bigger career opportunities to you.
  4. It ultimately increases your chances of getting hired in the next biggest role and gets you more responsibilities.
  5. You will get a brand new tool to improve the quality of your product or service which fulfills your customer’s requirements.

Benefits from an employer’s perspective:

The Scrum Master Certification is important for employers because it has many advantages.

  1. A scrum master can optimize the processes and increases the productivity.
  2. It will help employers get newer projects.
  3. Employees will get satisfied when they get a chance to learn more.
  4. It improves the quality of outcome and thus leads to higher customer satisfaction.
  5. It improves the efficiency of team members. Therefore, it will reduce costs.

When You Should Use Agile Methodology?


Advantages and Disadvantages

It is very rare in business to encounter a situation where customers agree that it would take a long time to get something done. For any software development firm, the key thing is to provide maximum value to and work very closely with customers in order to meet the customers’ changing needs with as little disruptions as possible. The question is what is agile methodology? Agile methodology is a model or software that has been designed for incremental purposes. According to specialists, this is an alternative to traditional project management certification classes in DC. Besides, in agile methodology emphasis is placed on people and there is continuous collaboration, monitoring, testing, planning and integration.

When should you use this model?

It is advisable to use this technology when there are some new changes that need to be implemented. This is because you can do this with very little costs since frequencies of new increments are being produced. This process is suitable because system developers will miss work for just a few days or hours to roll it back into life again. Apparently, as compared to other models, in agile methodology very little planning needed to get it started. In the process of doing this, you can discuss some changes and remove or effect other features so that you give the customer a complete system the way he or she needs it.



In brief, the main principles of agile methodology are; delivering the software with a very short duration which is always within weeks. Secondly, as a software worker you can measure the progress of development and finally, the most efficient way to communicate is through face to face conversation. All in all, it is one of the best systems that you can have, beside a PMP Certification.