Evernote Agile is a software framework that was developed as an IT project management tool. It is a blend of out of the box ideas combined with a creative and non-traditional approach to fixing problems. Scrum is an agile development method. It assists IT teams to resolve management problems that may come up during the […]

Determining The Definition Of Ready

Do you have a backlog of product ideas that need to be made ready for production? How exactly do you know if they are ready? You need a system and that’s why is important to obtain your SCRUM Master certification, for an impeccable understanding of the definition of readiness tries to offer. You need to know: […]


Seven Foods That Improve Your Concentration Supplement market is loaded with products promising you to improve your concentration. Frankly, how many of these products keep their promise? Some believe coffee will maintain your concentration, but, it contains sugar and caffeine and does two can be dangerous if you don’t control it. Natural foods are your […]

Obtain Scrum Master Certification To Widen Your Career Opportunities

Agile Agile methodology follows an iterative approach to software delivery that develops and delivers software from the beginning of the project rather than delivering the complete software; at once. It works simply by breaking a project into tiny parts of user functionality (also known as user stories), ordering them based on importance and delivering them […]

When You Should Use Agile Methodology?

Advantages and Disadvantages It is very rare in business to encounter a situation where customers agree that it would take a long time to get something done. For any software development firm, the key thing is to provide maximum value to and work very closely with customers in order to meet the customers’ changing needs […]